production processes of iron oxide red

There are two main production processes of iron oxide red: dry and wet. Today we’ll take a look at these two processes.


1. On dry process

Dry process is a traditional and original iron oxide red production process in China. Its advantages are simple production process, short process flow and relatively less equipment investment. The disadvantage is that the product quality is slightly poor, and harmful gas is produced during the calcination process, which has obvious impact on the environment. Such as jarosite calcination method, a large number of sulfur-containing gases are produced during the calcination process.


In recent years, based on the comprehensive utilization of iron containing wastes, dry process technologies such as sulfuric acid cinder method and iron ore powder acidification roasting method have emerged in our country. The advantages of these processes are simple process and less investment, and the disadvantages are that the product quality level is low, which can only be applied in low-end fields, and a large number of harmful gases are produced in the production process, which has a great impact on the environment.


2. On wet process


The wet process is to use ferrous sulfate or ferrous nitrate, ferric sulfate, ferric nitrate as raw materials, using the first preparation of crystal seeds, then oxidation to prepare iron red iron oxide red production method. The raw materials used can be either ferrous sulfate or ferrous nitrate solid raw materials, or aqueous solutions containing ferrous sulfate, ferrous nitrate, ferric sulfate and ferric nitrate. The neutralizer used can be iron sheet, scrap iron, alkali or ammonia.


The advantage of the wet process lies in the excellent quality and performance of the products. Different types of series iron oxide pigments can be prepared. The disadvantages lie in the long process, high energy consumption in the production process, and a large number of waste gas and acid wastewater are produced. At present, there is a lack of effective comprehensive utilization way, which has a great impact on the environment.


To sum up, there are many kinds of iron oxide red production process, these production processes with their own advantages continue to promote the development of iron oxide pigment industry, to bring convenience to people’s production.

Post time: Jul-29-2020